Jane Addams to Vilma Glücklich, December 31, 1924



December 31, 1924

My dear Miss Glücklich:

I am sending you the full correspondence in relation to your telegram to Rome that you may know exactly what transpired.

I do not like to have my name used without my knowledge in any transaction. They never do it at Hull-House when I am away even though they are quite sure of my position because it so so easy to give different shades of meaning through someone else's wording. I think when a communication has to be made immediately it should be signed with the name of the Association through the International Secretary.

I did not know Mr. Chamberlain was in Rome at the moment, although I should have known it, so I sent my cable to the International House in London. I am sending you a copy of that and a copy of their reply. And also of the letter which I wrote to Miss Courtney so that you may know exactly what transpired.

Please do not feel that I am in any way reproaching you for I am quite sure no harm has been done and I am writing thus clearly knowing you will be glad to know for the future. I hope very much that one of the three people you wrote about can be secured for the housekeeping at Maison Internationale. I hope Miss Balch can stop on her way through and perhaps be of some service to you although I do not know just what her route is for reaching Constantinople.

I am just recovering from an illness which has cut into the midst of the Christmas festivities and made it rather difficult to find leisure for writing. I will send the January check in a few days and write again. With every possible good wish for the New Year for you and everyone connected with you in Geneva, I am,

Affectionately yours,

Jane Addams [signed] [page 2]

↑Sent V. G. letter to Emily Balch

Dec [31" 1924]↓