Vilma Glucklich to Augusto B. Leguía, December 29, 1924


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Central Office: 6 rue du Vieux-Collège
Address Tel. WILLIF.

To his excellency the representative of peru


our organization has been working from its foundation to introduce the spirit of reconciliation in relations between nations, [?] as well as between different groupings (classes, denominations, parties etc.) of the same nation. This is why you will follow the occasion of the feast of December 9, when your republics will celebrate the centenary of the freedom acquired by the republics of Latin America, to draw your attention to a group of unfortunate Peruvian citizens, for whom this feast could become the dawn of a tran thousand and useful life.

In several countries where our sections are organized, we have met people belonging to different classes of the Peruvian nation: students, workers in the fields, employees, industrial workers, etc. who find it impossible to return to their country, being or formally expelled, or feeling threatened in their personal freedom. Their absence does not only mean misery for themselves, but also a loss of manual and intellectual labor for your country and a source of continual disharmony, caused by the news that their relatives and friends receive from them, or by the absolute missed this news.

There would be nothing more dignified than to celebrate Freedom Day with a generous amnesty, granted to all those who in recent years have been punished or persecuted for their scientific, ethical or political beliefs. It would suffice to take the example of the conciliatory spirit given to France, which has just taken an important step towards reconciliation through amnesties.

Penetrated by the desire to bring the establishment of Peace and Justice to the whole world, we allow ourselves to beg Your Excellency: to request his government to allow the return to their country of the Peruvian refugees who are in other countries in America or in other continents.

We are sure that our request for pardon will find the warm support of the illustrious host of Your celebration, the great poet of India, Tagore, the representative of the idea of ​​an international culture, based on common education. young men of all nations.

In print Your Excellency kindly accept the expression of our very distinguished consideration, we are

On behalf of the section
From the International Women's League for Peace and Freedom
President Secretary