Jane Addams to Lora Mary Haines Cook, November 19, 1924


November 19, 1924.

My dear Mrs. Cook:

I have been out of town for several days, and have delayed the reply to your telegram.

I am a little at a loss to understand why anyone should not be willing to meet Miss Balch, who ↑[long?]↓ taught Economics at [Wellesley] College, and who is an author of recognized distinction in Europe as well as America.

I am anxious that you have some first-hand knowledge of our League, which has been so absurdly reported, and I suggest that you permit a visit from the President of the Section for the United States. She is Mrs. William I. Hull, of Swarthmore, Penn., whose husband is Professor of International Law in the Friend's College there. I am sure you could not refuse an appeal made in the name of that good old Anglo-Saxon trait of "fair play."

Regretting to trouble you again, I am,

Faithfully yours,

Mrs. Anthony Wayne Cook
President General D.A.R.,
Washington, D.C.