Jane Addams to Emily Greene Balch, November 19, 1924


November 19, 1924

My dear Emily Balch

The enclosed letter from Miss [Heymann] shows I think, what Frau [Hertzka] can do. At least, I so interpret it. I think the quotation from me, is what I said when we were discussing the possibility of having some French and German articles put into the one in Washington, and I said in case we did not the Washington fund ought to be divided between ↑us and↓ the German and French editions.

I assumed from a letter from Gertrude Baer that they had given them up. Do you think we could send $100 from Mrs. Post's fund, $100 from the International Printing fund, leaving Grace ↑Edith↓ Abbott's and Mr. Jordan's ↑articles↓ until we had more money from the sales? I ↑myself↓ would give $100 from here, and we would then ask them to abridge it somewhat, saying this is all we could possibly get hold of. That, of course, leaves absolutely nothing for the French edition. If you think we ought to do better than this, I suppose I could send $200, trying to get one-half of it later from someone else. Or, do you think that we would better send $200 for France ↑and 200 for Germany↓, asking them each to abridge it, as it seemed impossible to lay our hands on [any more] money? Perhaps this latter procedure would be better.

Do write me what you think about it, returning Miss [Heymann's] letter with yours as soon as you can.

Affectionately yours,

Jane Addams [signed]

Miss Emily Balch,
1403 H. St. N.W.
Washington, D.C.

↑P.S. Will you write me what points should be made? Edith Abbott's article as it stands is rather far from [press?].↓