Jane Addams to Stanley Ross Linn, August 9, 1924

Hull's Cove Maine
Aug 9" 1924

My dear Stanley

I quite agree with all you say in your letter about the trash and worry of trying to settle the money matters in connection with your father's last illness.

I am so out of it all however that it is impossible for me to interfere, but Esther (with Mary) is planning to be here for a little visit this September and perhaps I can get a little chance then. Her insurance company has a little or rather a big reunion in Montreal and she will [page 2] come here after that. I am so glad to have ↑her enjoy↓ a little vacation before winter begins for Charlie grows more difficult all of the time. Eri has a vacation from the U. of C. in Sept and can be with him then with faithful Alice keeping house and Jane to school.

I am afraid that your father's last days were very hard for you all. I thought of you after he went out. Old age needs [just] care & patience as childhood does and I am sure you both gave it to him.

I was [startled] to hear you had had the flu, do be careful of your health.

Always yours devotedly Jane Addams.