Jane Addams to Amy Woods, August 3, 1924

Hull's Cove

My dear Miss Woods

Emily Balch has been here for several days and we have been finishing up the international correspondence, the accounts etc.

We have asked Miss Surles to do some copying for us and have decided to send out fifty letters hoping that at least 25 people will send $10.00 each which would end up the report finances. Mrs Post says that 3000 edition will cost $1300. of that we have $1025.00 with a little more promised. I hope that fifty people won't seriously interfere with the national appeal, all of [illegible] are rather "[illegible]" [page 2] and of course the national must now have right of way.

I will be away for a day or two next week but with that exception will be here steadily until the [middle of Sept] and should be delighted to have you drop in at any time.

Please excuse this hasty letter.

Affectionately yours

Jane Addams

Aug 3rd, 1924


Mr Haynes is a good pacifist and anxious that we should have more colored members.

He himself is colored as is Mrs Hubbard of Toronto -- also possible.

[written on top of page 1] P.S. Could you have sent to Gertrud [Baer a copy] of Johnson's speech. She wants it very much. JA