Amy Woods to Jane Addams, August 31, 1924

Women's International League for Peace and Freedom
Section for the United States
1403 H St., N.W., Washington, D.C.

August 31 1924

Dear Miss Addams

Dr Swiggert has asked us through Mrs Post if we were planning to publish his Summer School MSS. He is anxious to try to use them elsewhere if we are not.

I have written him, that I will bring him an answer within a week and suggested that if perhaps he prepared to have them published by some magazine the League would like the privilege of ordering some reprints at the time it appears in published form. I also wrote him that I was [conferring?] with you. Please write me in Washington if you would like to have his MS. one of our Summer School series. 1. James Weldon Johnson. 2. Frau [Kirchhoff] 3. ? Prof Lovett? or Dr Swiggett? -- or Edith Abbott? -- or who?

Mr Johnson's revised version is on the way and if you say the word I will have it set up at once. What general form and title would you like for the series. And will you [page 2] please write a little foreword for Mr Johnson's. Perhaps Miss Breckinridge would do the same for Frau [Kirchhoff] -- as Dean of the Summer School. Don't you think it would be nice to make such a connecting link with each of the series? I'm proud of the Summer School and I want some such recognition of it so that when we next have a Summer School either International or National our publications will show the quality of our lectures.

I was shocked by the enclosed clipping. Is it a mistake or what does it mean?

Will you please mail the enclosed to Gertrud Baer. I failed to get her present address from you. Perhaps you will add a word to it.

Your Manchester Guardian got into my [suitcase] somehow. I am mailing it with apologies and hope that you have not needed it.

I have given up the trip to Augusta as I find it will conflict with the last week before local elections and all thoughts are concentrated there.

We bid goodbye to Maine Wednesday. Kind regards to your household.


Amy Woods.

I am answering a [scurrilous] attack in the ↑undoubtedly syndicated↓ Highland Democrat, Peekskill, NY, Sat July 26, which Mr Libby forwarded to the office a month later as it incorporates a resolution of the New York "Y" Unit of the Women's Overseas League to be sent to you.

[closing written in left margin of page 1] I am wondering if you have a special answer to give. Perhaps this is the communication which Miss Balch told me you had and would show me. I neglected to ask to see it.  AW