Jane Addams to Julia Clifford Lathrop, January 10, 1909



My dear friend

They have just telephoned from Hull-House that your sad telegram has come. We have been fearing it all week and Alice and I have often spoken of you with all [sympathy?] and affection -- and yet when it comes the news seems impossibly sorrowful and I feel as if I must rush out to you. I find it hard to be tied down just at the [page 2] moment for I should like to go to Rockford and find it hard to stay away.

Won't you let me know if there is anything I can do here, I am to be in the house for a few days longer but it is easy to do things by telephone and Miss Ford is very obliging.

I wish I might say something that would be of comfort [page 3] but it must be a solace to all of her children that they have been so devoted to her. I can't imagine anything that would afford a surer basis of final comfort.

I am so sorry that I can't come to Rockford. Some of the others certainly will. May I send my love to your sister and the others. Always yours with unchanging affection

Jane Addams

Jan'y 10" 1909

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