Jane Addams to Ida Campbell Mott-Smith Lovett, July 7, 1924


My dear Mrs Lovett

I sent Nancy Jane a pair of shoes the other day made by some of the remaining Indians who still live in these parts. They always interest me I suppose in contrast to all the over sophistication around them!

The two conferences at Toronto were very interesting [although] I found myself a little fed up with conferencing! [page 2] It is so nice here but I am more than ever discontented that you are not coming this summer and hope some happy chance will make you reconsider.

Miss Balch is coming for the last ten days in July and we are hoping to finish up the collections for the Report [through] a series of [seduction?] letters. Mrs Van Der Vaart sent us another $250.00 making $750.00 for the summer school fund which is certainly its full share. The section in Toronto [page 3] gave me quite a fine dinner at the hotel, and we also had a long session with the executive committee and others [who had] shared in the [illegible] of the "Pax Special." It did come out very well but there was a real danger [involved in one?] of the newspapers did its best to make the returned soldiers against it. I am really very much touched by these little groups of women who stand up to "Peace" in the midst of such hostile public opinion. [page 4]

Do write to me sometime! With affectionate greetings to the family, I am

always affectionately yours

Jane Addams

July 7" 1924