Emily Greene Balch to George W. Wickersham, May 24, 1924


May 24, 1924

Dear Mr. Wickersham

Miss Jane Addams is so very much occupied just at present with the International Summer School which our Women's International League for Peace and Freedom is now holding in Chicago that she has turned over some of her correspondence to me and it is [therefor] I that must apologize for the delay in acknowledging your important and interesting communication of May twelfth.

Obviously Miss Addams will have to answer herself the questions that you ask, directly or through me and she [will] do so as soon the immediate stress is over, doubtless.

Did you see in the papers her spirited protest regarding the way the question of Japanese immigration is being handled?

You may also like to know that Mrs. C. E. Cumberson of San Francisco, Regional Chairman of California for this League spoke very well on the question at the international Congress that we have just been holding here.

I should be glad if you would add to your mailing list Mr. Ayusawa, delegate to the International Labor Office, Geneva, who is representing his Government in certain respects and who I [page 2] hear is very much troubled over the attitude of the United States. If you have any material especially intended for Japanese friends I should like also to suggest Dr. Inazō Nitobe, League of Nations, Geneva, and Miss Tano Jōdai, Women's University [Koishikawa, Tokyo].

I should like very much to be put upon your mailing list and if you desired it on your Committee but if as a student of immigration I am in good standing I have been so much under fire as a pacifist that I may be a liability not an asset.

Yours sincerely.