Paul Underwood Kellogg to Jane Addams, May 23, 1924

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May 23, 1924

Dear Miss Addams:

Your last paragraph is very provocative -- in your note of May 17. It reads:

"I am sending you one of our corrected programs. The whole experience of the Pax Special and our meeting at St. Louis would make a wonderful write-up for a social psychologist interested in the reaction of the Community versus the Press."

The New York papers apparently carried little or nothing about what you refer to. I gather that the hundred percenters at some points along your route attacked the Pax Special -- at least verbally; that the newspapers took up the clamor but that the real people of the community turned out and stood by you all.

Whether or not my supposition is correct, I should be very glad if you would write of the thing for us. There is no social psychologist like you, you know. A short interpretation will do the trick -- around a thousand words. I almost despair of getting you to write for us; but this is something close in to your feelings. Won't you do it?

Here is Mr. Van Loon's cartoon for our June Graphic and Miss Balch's editorial on the Peace Conference.


Miss Jane Addams
800 S. Halsted St.
Chicago, Ill.

P.S. Our letters crossed. Your $25 pledge is all we will hold you to, of course.