Jane Addams to Amy Woods, January 9, 1924


January 9, 1924

My dear Miss Woods:

I am [enclosing] a letter from Madam [Lomonosoff] and a copy of my reply. I do wish so much that we could have a Russian section but we tried very hard to have them come to the Hague and everything went wrong, partly from their side. I think that they suspected us of being bourgeoisie.

I hope you understood my telegram about the Summer School. The European members take a university so seriously and we have always managed to have some of our sessions there and I am quite sure that the whole thing would seem to them to lack dignity if it were too much attached to a philanthropic institution. In addition to that, our Camp might be quite cold in May as most of the buildings are not plastered and the beds are largely in dormitories. We might plan for a [weekend] there after the School is over or perhaps in the middle of the term.

The local College Club has a good committee on Women and Internationalism, of which I am Chairman and they voted the other day to assist in the School. I think we must begin to get help from other organizations, not that they lead to much money but they will be of use to us in other ways. 

Hastily yours,

Jane Addams [signed]

Miss Amy Woods
Washington, D.C.