Emily Greene Balch to Betty Collamore, June 19, 1924


June nineteenth, 1924.

Miss Betty Collamore,
150 East 72 St., N.Y.C.:

Dear Madam,

Miss Jane Addams being too much occupied with all her social work and responsibilities at Hull House to attend to all her correspondence personally has asked me to acknowledge yours of June seventh, with its enclosure of a copy of the resolution passed on June fourth by the New York "Y" Unit, Women's Overseas Service.

I am having sent to you some of the printed literature of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom together with a special statement as to the points that you mention and others that have been brought against us. I think you will readily convince yourself that the action of your organization was taken under a complete misapprehension as to the organization that you opposed, -- and that some of your points are false and others misunderstood and put in a completely wrong light.

In especial please note that the [illegible] W.I.L.P.F. has never subscribed to any so-called "Slacker’s Oath," neither Mrs. Brown's nor any other, nor bound its members by any sort of pledge or promise.

It is very discouraging to lovers of our common country and believers in the reasonableness and common sense of American women to find that a few irresponsible people can start a newspaper clamor and stir up so much misunderstanding.

Why did not your body inquire and seriously inform itself before proceeding to do so grave a thing as to pass such a resolution and give it publicity? How do you reconcile such hasty action with your sense of fair play and responsibility to the public which you are assisting to further mislead.

I should have supposed that Jane Addams' name alone would have been enough to make it seem necessary to be sure of one's ground before accusing one of the most illustrious citizens of the United [States] ↑of↓ whatever any unverified report might allege.

I shall be most happy to answer any questions and would close by wishing you all success in work for our country and for human suffering everywhere,

Sincerely yours,

Emily G Balch [signed]