Jane Addams to Amy Woods, February 21, 1924


February 21, 1924

My dear Miss Woods:

Of course you know I never said that we would invite Miss Kuyper. Her name was given to me and I immediately sent it on to you. I personally think we have no money to spend on frills of that sort. I am sure you realize that the statement is an exaggerated one. Miss Holbrook spoke to me about it and all I could say was that we would communicate with the office.

I very much approve of ↑am enthusiastic [over]↓ your plan received this morning in regard to the journey between the Congress and Summer School. I am sending two letters just received from St. Louis. I wrote to Mrs. Taussig that I had sent them to you and that you would communicate with ↑her or↓ Mrs. Gellhorn. As the Summer School opens with a reception on the evening of May 17, would it not be possible to put in St. Louis, going directly from Indianapolis or Cincinnati, which is of course a good route. I will write more later in the day but I am anxious to get this off at once.

I should be very glad to have Dr. Williams come but think Katherine Courtney is even better.

I will send you a copy of the begging letter at once.

Hastily yours,

Jane Addams [signed]