Statement at the Illinois Children's Home and Aid Society Meeting, January 30, 1912


Bartzen, Too, an "Immortal"?

The fact that Peter Bartzen's name was not on the list of forty "immortals" compiled by the National Institute of Arts and Letters a few days ago was discussed yesterday at the twenty-eighth annual meeting of the Illinois Children's Home and Aid Society.

Attention to Mr. Bartzen's claim was brought out by Robert J. Bennett, president of the society, and by Miss Jane Addams.

"As I looked over the list of 'immortals' in the paper the other morning," said Mr. Bennett, "I thought that if they were not intended as a joke something is radically wrong. We have a few men whose names will never die. Peter Bartzen, whose task it has been to show us all of our shortcomings and to dictate to us our policy of handling children, surely ought to appear on that list."

"We must remember that many of our social reforms have grown up from some evil condition," Miss Addams said, "and there is no reason to believe that the same may not be true of this attack on our children's societies and institutions."

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