Sophia Heatly Dulles to Manley Ottmer Hudson, January 2, 1924



Women's International League for Peace and Freedom

Room 301, 1403 H. Street Northwest

Washington, D.C.

2 January, 1924

Mr. Manley O. Hudson
Harvard Law School
Cambridge, Mass.

Dear Mr. Hudson,

The serious and constantly growing interest and belief in the Movement to abolish war as a means of settling international differences, have greatly increased the influence and responsibility of all recognized organizations working for this end.

The Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, with its organized National Sections in twenty-two countries, is taking a leading part in this work, and is called upon to form specific plans for which the knowledge and advice of experts are needed in order that sound and effective policies may be adopted.

The Board of the United States Section of the League has voted unanimously that you be asked to lend the support of your counsel to our work by becoming a member of a National Advisory Committee to be formed at once. This Committee will not be a large one, and its membership will be composed of persons of accepted authority on such subjects as, education, economics, law, labor, history, art, etc. The members will not be asked to hold any meetings, but their opinions will be consulted by the National Chairman on the questions on which their advice will be of the greatest value.

We realize the pressure of your present duties, and assure you that your acceptance of membership on the advisory Council, while involving no real sacrifice of your time, would be deeply appreciated, and would give added strength and direction to the Movement for World Peace in this country. (Over) [page 2]

We hope very much that you will consent to serve.

Yours sincerely,

(Sgd.) Sophia H. Dulles 

Committee on Advisory Council

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