Harold LeClair Ickes to Jane Addams, March 12, 1924


Points in the record of HIRAM W. JOHNSON while serving as Governor of California that ought to be of particular interest to women

One of his first acts nearly fourteen years ago was to put through an amendment to the constitution giving women full suffrage.

A mother's pension law.

Establishment of a minimum wage for women.

An eight hour law for women.

A teachers' pension law under which a teacher at her option may retire after thirty years of service or sooner if disabled.

A free text book law.

A child labor law prohibiting children under certain ages from working between the hours of ten at night and five in the morning, or working during school hours excepting under certain specific conditions.

A law requiring men in abandonment cases to work on the roads and the payment of their earnings to their dependents.

A law holding the father as well as the mother responsible for the support and education of illegitimate children.

A law giving mothers equal rights with fathers to the custody, services, and earnings of unmarried minor children.

A law forbidding a husband to assign his salary or wages without the written consent of his wife.

A law for the abatement of red light districts and to prevent the commercialization of vice and the exploitation of unfortunate women.

A law permitting persons unjustly convicted and imprisoned to bring suits against the state for a maximum of $5,000.

A workmen's compensation law.

A law establishing a commission on immigration and housing, protecting immigrants from grafters and women from men having designs on them for immoral purposes, and providing also for sanitary conditions in lodging houses, homes, work camps, etc.

A law limiting interest charge of money lenders.

Under Governor Johnson the Industrial Welfare Commission was created which has fixed a living wage for women and established safe and sanitary working conditions.

He improved the juvenile court system, built detention homes for minors in place of prisons, and humanized the reformatories of the state. [page 2]

The age of consent was raised from 16 to 18 years.

Pure food laws were enacted and enforced.

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