Jane Addams to Wilbur Kelsey Thomas, February 20, 1924


February 20, 1924

My dear Mr. Thomas:

I am afraid I could not write a very satisfactory article on race relationship within the next few weeks. I have some notes which I put down during our stay in India and Japan, but the whole thing does not seem to cohere sufficiently to make an article.

[Gertrud] Baer has been in the midst of the Anti-Semitic situation and perhaps a little conference with her would elicit the sort of current material which would be most useful. I should be glad to try to do that after I see her in March unless you have someone in Philadelphia who could do it more quickly and better. She has been staying with Miss Winsor in Haverford, ↑but↓ with headquarters in Washington ↑at 1403 H St. N.W↓.

Faithfully yours,

Jane Addams [signed]

Mr. Wilbur Thomas
20 South Twelfth Street
Philadelphia, Pa.

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