Jane Addams to Christina C. Miller, February 22, 1924



Hull-House, Chicago
February 22, 1924

My dear Miss Miller:

I am sorry for my delayed letter in reply to your telegram of February 8. I felt that I could not speak again in the Town Hall because I am engaged by Mr. Ely to speak on March 28. He pays me $250.00 for the occasion and it is very bad professional ethics to speak at a general meeting in the same town and in the same place within so short a time. I do have an engagement at the Jersey City Forum March 21 and one at the Brooklyn Forum March 24, but the audiences are quite a different type ↑in another city↓.

Would it not be possible for me to meet with the members of the New York League some time Saturday, the twenty-second or Sunday, the twenty-third? I should be very glad if it could be arranged so that we could have a meeting ↑with representatives↓ of the Foreign Women's Clubs. I think we could get their addresses from the Foreign Language Information Service, 119 West Forty-First Street, New York, of which Mr. Read Lewis is Director. If we got in communication with them it would add a great deal to our Washington Conference. We are planning a reception of the Foreign Women's Clubs here in Chicago on March 4 and the women are taking a great deal of interest in it.

With regret for my delayed reply and hoping you will forgive me for suggesting an alternate plan, I am

Faithfully yours,

Jane Addams [signed]