Women's International League for Peace and Freedom member to Jane Addams, April 23, 1924


April 23, 1924

Dear Miss Addams,

Of course you do not have to have an explanation of the storm of protest that has broken here in Washington as other places against the W.I.L.

The enclosed letter was suggested as a possibly effective means of putting a stop to some of the propaganda, if sent out by an influential senator. I saw Senator Borah today. His statement was: "I would not touch the War Department with a ten foot pole. If there is any interference with the meetings, I shall make an attack on the floor of the Senate." He then suggested that you send a letter of protest to the President, and that it be published. I merely send the suggestion on to you.

The PAX Special plans have worked out beautifully in most places. Cincinnati has had tremendous difficulties and may have to give it up, but the present indications are that the [attacks] has made the W.I.L in Cincinnati.

With best wishes.