Jane Addams to Sophia Heatly Dulles, April 7, 1924



My dear Miss Dulles;

The [enclosed] checks were given to the special fund for the International Summer School, and I shall have to ask you to [endorse] them over to the "International Summer School" and return them to me. Mrs [Van Der Vaart] is the treasurer of that fund which we hope to make $2500. very soon.

In return I sent to Washington [today] a check for $200. from Mary W. Lippincott of Wyncote Pa which she wished to have credited to the Penn quota, she also pledged $200. to be paid in June, I wrote Miss Woods to send the card to you after she had the record for her fund.

It is going to be very difficult to select the people for the Pax Special, I think that each country will have to select its own individuals, but there is no doubt that there will be one from each country, and if we knew who people wanted to see that might influence the selection.

I had two very nice letters this morning from the office one from Miss Woods and one from Miss Heymann. Apparently all is going very well for the moment. The programs have much favorable comment.

With sincere gratitude for your help in time of deep trouble, I am faithfully yours

Jane Addams (signed)

Hull-House Chicago
April 7th 1924