Jane Addams to Edith Abbott, September 15, 1909

Sep. 15"
Bar Harbor, Maine.

My dear [Miss] Abbott

I am very grateful for all your letter writing and all the other things you are doing. I haven't heard again from Mr Smith, but I wrote in reply to his first letter that I thought it was hardly fair for [page 2] Mr Anderson as a new man to take a court room if any of the older residents wanted it. If Mr Anderson takes a third room [then?] where he and Mr Smith would still have two court rooms. Mr Lucas [illegible] has been a very good resident and I think deserves his room. I hope that the Prison [page 3] Congress people won't overwhelm you before I get back to do my share.

Sincerely yours

Jane Addams [signed]

P.S. Has there been a letter for me asking me to deliver an address before the Philosophical Union in California next Summer?

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