Maria Matilda Widegren to Jane Addams, July 15, 1922


Sortavala, Finland, 15.7.22.

Dear Miss Addams,

A year ago, at this time, I had the great pleasure to be together with you in Vienna and Salzberg. I shall never forget how kind you were to me, and I often remind those happy days.

I have now passed more than [page 2] three weeks in Finland, and have met many peace-friends, and I have tried to get connections for the League. I shall send a report to Miss Balch, and I hope that [Dr?] Williams and others will be able to continue the work. In Finland there a few very good peace-workers, but most people are too afraid of Russia that they dare not think of peace.

The nation is divided in many parties, and it is very difficult [page 3] to get them to work together.

I however do not distrust but hope that we really can believe in our friends here.

In August I intend to go to the Christian International Congress at [Sonntagberg], and I appreciate very much this opportunity.

Yours gratefully

Matilda Widegren.