Jane Addams to Myra Harriet Reynolds Linn, March 16, 1920



My dear Myra

I suppose you are well out of the hospital by now and back at home.

I thought of you many times but seemed to have failed to write after all.

I was doing some lecturing for the Interchurch World Movement and continually flying from one town to another. At one point I sent you Henry Fuller's new book thinking you might like the U. of C. part of it. [page 2]

Did the chair ever arrive which I sent in Stanley's name to Corona? It belonged to my mother and I thought that it would be a nice heir-loom for Jane to have. There were 6 in all. Weber's little girls have two and I am keeping three with me for Esther's three daughters to have.

Do write me a line telling me how it all came out and what the doctor thinks of you generally. I am so glad you are going to have a visit [page 3] from your Aunt Myra this Spring. I can imagine how [beautiful] it all is by now.

With love to Stanley and Jane,

Always your loving Aunt Jane Addams

March 16" 1920