Jane Addams to Hannah Clothier Hull, March 11, 1920


International Office: Geneva
19 Bd, Georges-Favon

March 11" 1920

My dear Mrs Hull

I am full of speaking engagements this week but it would be possible to come to Washington some time before March 17" and the 22d.

I am not however sure that I could be of any use in the matter, the more I think of it, the more it seems to me that I could make no real impression on the situation which is so largely political that the [straight] human appeal would be largely lost.

How does it develop in your mind & will you let me know, I don't want to go back on the enterprise if you and [page 2] Mr Hull really think that there is a chance.

Mrs Spencer in going over the referendum [vote etc.], has decided to call the meeting in Chicago for April 22d & 23d. I do so hope that you and the others can come -- we can put you up at Hull-House and it will be such a pleasure to have you as my guest here. Do write me exactly as you feel about the Palmer matter. Always devotedly yours 

Jane Addams