Robert Lee Greene to Jane Addams, December 27, 1923


University of Notre Dame


Miss Jane Addams,

My dear Miss Addams --

As president of the Women's Intnl. League for Peace you are in a position to influence public opinion profoundly -- hence I enclose a plan for establishing World Peace, hoping that you will pass it on to others. You, perhaps, may not oppose of the plan but many of your associates might do so.

Your recent letter on Peace was shadowed by the futility of present efforts -- efforts that offer no hope because they are founded on false lines. Frank Walsh says my plan "strikes at the root cause, and its adoption is a matter of educating the people." Will you use your worldwide influence in this educational work?

A professor of Political Economy says "your plan is too fundamental to get recognition from the Bok Committee." If the women of the world will not take up some new plan, the outlook is hopeless for the [old-line] methods are of no avail.

I would appreciate a line or two of comment when you acknowledge receipt of this letter

Very sincerely,

R. L. Greene