Flora Guiteau to Jane Addams, September 25, 1923

641 West Douglas St.
Freeport, Illinois
September 25. 1923

Welcome home, dear Jane!

Perhaps Bertha Bidwell will have telephoned you from me [today]. She and her mother are going in to town for a day or so.

Marcet has been at Cedarville for quite a long time but she was too busy, I judge, to get in touch with me. I heard accidentally [page 2] of her being there. She had a [flock] of children from Girard and was occupied with kindergarten and the farm. [Today] is a veritable summer day. I have had lately several long delightful rides and have found it soothing to the soul to note the lovely changes of color coming over the green. Stephenson County is quite beautiful. You must be saddened by the Japan disasters -- and probably some of your personal friends have been killed! I hope this may bring the nations closer together.

With love and, once again, a hearty welcome

Faithfully yours,

Flora Guiteau