Emily Greene Balch to Grethlein & Co., ca. October 10, 1923

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Messrs Grethlein & Co.
Leipzig. 20 Salomonstrasse
Leipzig Germany

Dear Sirs,

In r Miss Addams has asked me to acknowledge your letter of October 10 in regard to a possible book of memoirs. She would be It would be impossible ↑out of the question↓ for her to find the time to write anything new at this time but I have urged her to call your attention it is possible that you might find in her recent book Peace and Bread in Time of War very much what you ↑want↓ had in mind. She would be willing to consider a translation ↑publication↓ of this book or parts of it into [illegible] or a German [page 2] translation. A copy of the book goes to you herewith. 

As a third person I venture to express my opinion that this book is perhaps the most interesting one that Miss Addams has written and most truly [illegible] at just this moment. I know few pieces of finer ↑psychological↓ analysis than her account of the state of mind of a pacifist in time of war nor and the story of the movements with which she was ↑has been↓ connected during the last ten years is a record of genuine, though private, statesm real statesmanship though in a private capacity. The What she has to say about international relief of physical [want?] suffering is only too tragically timely just now.

Yours very truly

{to be signed Emily G Balch}

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