Amy Woods to Jane Addams, October 11 1923


October 11th, 1923

Miss Jane Addams,
Hull House,
800 South Halsted Street,
Chicago, Illinois

Dear Miss Addams:

I am sorry Miss Breckenridge is unable to be chairman of the Committee on the Award. It will be splendid to have her help however. I wrote Miss Boynton last night asking her to send me names of the Committee so that I may use it in the bulletin to stimulate interest I hope she will do this, although the chairman is not yet appointed.

I doubt if Miss Abbott could be in Chicago long enough to be of much service, although I know that she is going to be present at the Urban League Conference in Kansas City, October 18th or 19th. I will get in touch with her today and ask her to be thinking of the plan and confer with you or Miss Boynton as she passes through Chicago. Miss Balch writes that she will meet with us on November 5th. I have written her, urging her to try a plan of her own, if not, to [illegible] send suggestions to us. I think it would be feasible for her to do both.

The Executive Committee met at Mrs. Leach's last Monday and after discussion voted to make every effort to have the International Congress here, if you felt it was a wise thing to do. Otherwise we feel it would be best for London to have it, at the time Lady Aberdeen is planning her Congress, I think that it is next June.

The question of raising money is a very grave one. Both the National and the Local offices have such an increase in work that we are hampered by the smallness of our old budget. It is time that we made some definite plans for a steady basic income. This is one of the questions we want to especially work out at the Board Meeting. [page 2]

It makes it very difficult to call upon people for local contribution when they have just contributed largely to international work. Miss Gl├╝cklich writes me that no International collection will be taken in the United States in 1924.


National Secretary