Emily Greene Balch to Jane Addams, December 7, 1923


Dec 7/23

Dear Miss Addams

I am returning these various papers.

As regards Miss Moore's analysis I think it was a very useful preliminary to undertake and very good of her to do it.

I note only that

(1) As regards right to speak on the part of visitors I think this is in any case only by special permission and in practice confined to fraternal delegates speaking by request or by permission and generally in addresses not as part of debate.

(2) As regards "procedure prior to Congress" note that the plan was merely "referred as a working basis to the Executive Committee" with the general approval of the Congress.

As I understand it proposals for the [agenda] and resolutions desired to be put [page 2] should be submitted to the Executive Committee per Vilma Glücklich as early as possible.

The U.S. Section must make all the practical arrangements and arrange the public sessions at which no business is transacted and arrange the social events

And do let us avoid the mistake of confusing and tiring people with too many as in Vienna. Zurich was far better in this respect. Let people do these things after the Congress if they want to and can.

I don't believe we had better reprint the Bulletin. Advertise it and get them to subscribe 1.00 & receive it direct.

The report in the immigration situation seems to me very confused.

I don't believe any question about anarchists will arise. I am don't think we have any the among us, certainly not under the laws definition. [page 3] And as to communists it appears to be a question not of law but of executive or administrative orders or procedure.

What is it to be "mandatorily excluded." By whom? On what legal basis.

The "Proscribed Zone" takes me by surprise -- wholly new to me. Was this to please in England in re Indian agitation?

The paper evidently ought not to be headed "by Louis F. Post" as it is evidently a statement made by a stude another person. I judge ¶ 6 is not by him but by this other person.

If the tri-lobe flyer is reprinted we might add not only the forgotten Ukraine (how could we, indeed?) but Egypt & ↑Siam↓ Syria. Will you have a number of copies sent me? [page(s) may be missing]