Statement on the Auditorium Theater Meeting, January 24, 1920


Miss Addams Invites Quiz.

Miss Addams invited investigations of any sort last night when advised that the initial meeting over which she presided was causing comment in official circles.

“Investigate? Certainly,” she said. “This is not an organization at all -- simply a few people who think that the methods used in the deportation raids should be discussed and that the entire campaign should be considered publicly.

“The protest sounded in some of the papers was not against the theory of deportation as a means to rid the country of undesirable aliens, but of the methods used in the Chicago raids. They told of individual cases where personal justice certainly was not shown to the man arrested.

“Prof. Freund questioned the right and wisdom in the wholesale raids. He said undesirables in other countries are notified of their position before any such heroic steps as those used in Chicago are taken.”