Fanny Bradley Greene to Jane Addams, December 6, 1923

Westbourne Farm
Peterboro' New Hampshire
Dec. 6th 1923.

Dear Miss Addams,

I don't know whether you remember a fellow [traveler] on the Pres. Cleveland -- now home again in Peterborough New Hampshire.

Yesterday I went to Boston [to] talk with [page 2] Miss Hartshorne and Mrs. Abiko, who have come here [to] talk about helping to start once more Miss Tsuda's school the Joshi Eigaku Juku in Tokyo where Miss Hartshorne has taught for twenty years. I was there over ten. [page 3] The place was entirely demolished so it means a start from the very foundation. They are trying [to] go on now in the quarters very kindly lent by the Presbyterian mission school so that the present top class may graduate as usual.

They are trying to create an interest in various [page 4] places, besides hoping for some very large gifts from some of the Foundations. The Japanese capitalists are all too hard hit at present [to] be able [to] help much. We wondered if you could give us a list of a few people who might be interested in seeing the circulars -- and also of anyone [page 5] who might be willing [to] be on a committee [to] help.

I enclose the literature that is at present [illegible].

I feel quite guilty asking any kind of favor from you who are so busy always.

I believe Mr Norman Davis has consented [to] be on the central committee. [page 6]

I hope you had a pleasant stay in Honolulu and are feeling much stronger again.

My brother enjoys his life at Columbia very much -- & lives quite near the college. We expect him here for Christmas.

With best wishes for Christmas & the New Year [page 7] for yourself and Miss Smith.

Very sincerely yours

Fanny B. Greene