Jane Addams to Esther Loeb Kohn, March 19, 1923


March 19" 1923

My dear Mrs Kohn --

Miss [Hus] sent me a list of her classes and undertakings. It is certainly imposing and I hope very much that all is going as well as her things deserve to go.

How about Miss Vesey?

I think that if she is not to return she ought to know it as early as possible in the spring. It seems to me that you are the person to decide and to talk it over with her. I am sure that Miss Salisbury could find her another place. Will you write me about it or ask Miss Lloyd to? I am sorry to bother you with it.

Mrs Bowen writes of all the improvements at Waukegan, it will be fine to have it in such good order. [page 2]

I am sending these very [imposing] postal cards for the three Parker School children at H.H. [although] they probably know all about this wonderful island full of tea and spice.

We have come up here for a few days before we sail next week to Hong Kong and still warmer weather for the cross the equator I believe before we land.

The place is [full] of interest and we motor tomorrow to one of the old [illegible] cities, spend the night there and come again to this charming spot.

The Social Service Leagues everywhere in the large cities of India are most interesting and very modern. The one in Madras gave me a reception the other day and I am to meet the [service] people in Colombo next Monday. They have all [page 3] the latest lingo and seem to do a great deal of genuine work, even here they have child welfare stations and school [nurses].

The poverty of course stares one in the face at every turn, [although] both Burma and Ceylon are more cheerful in [cultural] aspect than India itself. The voting women are very interesting and in their zeal the British government has given them more than the English women have "at home".

We are both very well and thus far have had no excessive heat, we are told that the season is unusually cool this year for which we are devotedly thankful.

I am very grateful for all you are doing at H.H. and Mary and I send you our love in no perfunctory [manner].

Affectionately yours

Jane Addams

[written in top margin] P.S. We [traveled] for five weeks with Alice and Irene Lewisohn whom we lost at Rangoon as they returned to Palestine.