Emily Greene Balch to Lida Gustava Heymann and Catherine Elizabeth Marshall, September 22, 1922

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Geneva, September 22nd 1922

Dear Fraulein Heymann and Miss Marshall,

I have been acutely anxious over the Turkish war situation which seemed to me to have in it possibilities of another August 1914.

My mind was very much possessed with the idea of a possible mediation by the United States. I was going to telegraph you for your permission to cable to Miss Addams “Could you urge Harding offer mediation Turkish war” signing Heymann, Marshall, Balch. Then the situation took another turn. As you know, there is apparently to be a conference between Great Britain and the other European countries interested and the Turks. There is also a [proposal] before the League of Nations for it to act under article XI.

The chance of its proving desirable that the United States should act becomes [therefore] somewhat remote but I should like to [see] whether I should have your authorization to cable to Miss Addams if the situation changes in such a way that it seems to me to make it advisable.

I enclose a copy of a letter that I am sending to Miss Addams. Meanwhile

Yours faithfully

Emily G Balch [signed]