Katherine Davis Cumberson to Jane Addams, August 20, 1923


P O Lower Lake, California


August 20, 1923.

My dear Miss Addams:

I have been looking most anxiously for some word from you; your letter of May 26th., having been the last word I received. Not having your address in Japan, I could not acknowledge, or send words of cheer during your illness. However, I am sure you must have felt our loving thoughts.

I note by the paper today that you will sail the [23d], inst., I am uncertain whether you will remain in Honolulu for ten days as you anticipated doing when last I heard from you, or whether you will come directly to San Francisco, but no doubt I shall hear from you within [page 2] a few days.

I trust you will let me know whether your still object to any public function. I want to protect you in every way and see that you have perfect quiet if you so desire.

If you stay over in Honolulu and write me from there, you had better use the San Francisco address, 25 Spear St., as I may go down at any time.

Anticipating the pleasure of seeing you again, and with very best wishes for a calm and safe voyage to the mainland, I am,

Faithfully yours,

Katherine D. Cumberson. [signed]

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