The Tribune and Miss Addams, February 14, 1920



THE SURVEY in its issue of February 7, quoted from a news report in the Chicago Tribune, following the protest meeting at which the government raids and deportations were discussed by some of the foremost citizens of Chicago. Miss Addams presided, and ex-Governor Dunne and Professor Freund were among the speakers. The Tribune reported that the Department of Justice might keep Miss Addams under surveillance as a result of the meetings. This seems to have been the irresponsible statement of a single newspaper reporter. Chicago discounts the crotchets of the Tribune in such matters, but in fairness to the Department of Justice no less than to Miss Addams readers in other parts of the country should be told that there was no other substantiation for the quotation. Advices from sources in which we have confidence are explicitly to the effect that there is nothing in it.