Jane Addams, Mary Eliza McDowell, Graham Taylor to South End Residents, April 2, 1910


National Conference of Charities and Correction

Office of the President
April 2, 1910.

To the Residence of
South End House,
Boston, Mass.

At the Buffalo meeting of the National Conference of Charities and Corrections a large and representative group of settlement residents from various cities met for conference at Welcome Hall. It was decided then to call in advance a conference to be held in connection with the St. Louis Meeting of the National Conference.

The undersigned suggest Wednesday, May 18th, 10 A.M. -- the day before the Conference, -- at the headquarters of the Conference, Hotel Jefferson, as the time and place of the meeting.

The discussion of the function of the settlement will be opened by Prof. George H. [Mead] of the University of Chicago at the morning session. Plans for the uniform action in certain matters of public interest will be submitted at the afternoon session. Those intending to be present may find it to their advantage to notify Mr. Alexander Johnson, Secretary of the Conference, Fort Wayne, Indiana, and secure from him information regarding railroad fares and hotel rates. 

(signed) Jane Addams
Mary McDowell
Graham Taylor.

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