Valér Ferenczy to Anna Mary Lloyd for Jane Addams, April 14, 1923

Budapest, Dohány-utca 57
14. April 1923.
Miss Anna Lloyd,
Hull House
800 South Halsted Street

My dear Miss Lloyd:

I suppose you have received the letter I wrote to you in reply to your letter from 12. February 1923, by which you kindly answered my letter to Miss Jane Addams.

You are telling me in your letter that Miss Addams will not return to America before June. You are advising me to send her a proof of my etching during the summer.

I hope you won't mind my sending the proofs in question now to your address. I am leaving Budapest for my summer quarters in Transylvania, which belongs to [Romania]. Thus, it [page 2] is much easier for me to send you the proofs from [home]. Moreover, the Hungarian postal service is much more dependable than the [Romanian].

Thus, as you have been good enough to take charge of my letter to Miss Addams, I hope I am causing no great additional trouble to you by asking you to keep the proofs for Miss Addams too.

I should thank you very much for some information about the Womens League for Freedom and Peace. From my letter to Miss Addams you may have gathered how interested I am in it. But beside my personal interest [page 3] in it, I have thought that the women in my family as well as some of my acquaintances might wish to become members. Thus, I should like to know the conditions of admittance to membership and whether there is some periodical publication, magazine etc. informing the members about the work in progress etc. As I have nobody among my friends to inform me about these matters, any information of this kind will be welcome to me.

Very sincerely yours

Valer Ferenczy

c/o Mrs Olga Ferenczy
Nagybánya = Baia-Mare
Transylvania, New [Romania].

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