Jane Addams to John Rogers Commons, March 5, 1908


March 5th, 1908.

My dear Mr. Commons:--

I have checked the 25 names I am afraid more or less according to personal acquaintance, but perhaps after all that is the safest way. I do not mean to say that I have checked all the people I know, rather have checked carefully some of whom I know and avoided others.

We are very anxious to start a branch of the League in Chicago. We talked it over the other evening at a little meeting of settlement folk and a few others and feel that with the two commissions pending in Illinois, one for protective machinery and the other for industrial diseases, a branch out here ought to be pushed at once. Would it be possible for you and Mr. Ely to make an engagement soon if we get the proper people together?

There is another matter I should like very much to see you about when you next come to Chicago. Won't you let me know when that is likely to be? I am sure I need not urge that Mrs. Commons and yourself be our guests at Hull-House when you come.

Sincerely yours,

Jane Addams [signed]

Prof. Commons,
Madison, Wis.

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