Gertrude Willcox Weakley to Jane Addams, July 17, 1923

Tokuyama Yamaguchi [Ku?],
Japan, July 17, 1923.

My dear Miss Addams,

You may not remember me, but if so you may possibly remember my father, Rev. G. B. Willcox of the Theological Seminary. I remember my mother's coming home and telling us of her first visit to Hull House, when you had only the upstairs part of the old house. The last time I met you was, if I remember correctly, at a meeting of the Congregational Club which you attended with Dr. and Mrs. Graham Taylor.

This is a long introduction for a letter of no more importance than [page 2] this, but I write to express my great appreciation of you and your work, and my loving sympathy that you had to interrupt your fine work in Japan by the unpleasant experience of the hospital sojourn. There may not be many in Japan who were fellow citizens with you and remember you, not only for all you have done since, but as the fair, young college graduate just beginning your great work on Halsted Street.

Miss Breckinridge and I were classmates in College.

My husband, Rev. W. R. Weakley, had the pleasure of dining with you and Mr. [illegible name] and others at Hull House when we were in Chicago a few years ago. [page 3]

I would that we were near enough to the centers to entertain you, but our work now is quite in the "interior" as the Japanese say, though we are on the coast. But we are most happy in this city where we are the only westerners. It is a city of Japanese and some Koreans, and our opportunities are great.

My husband is just now in Hiroshima, where his work at the Hiroshima Girls' School calls him often, but if he were present he would join with me in expressing deep appreciation of your great work, sympathy in your illness and the sincere hope that you may soon feel well and strong and go on your way rejoicing.

Thus will many others rejoice --

Very sincerely, admiringly yours,

Gertrude Willcox Weakley.