Invitation to Trends in the Social Movement of the West, May 16, 1923


As one interested in social questions you are invited to meet Miss Jane Addams of Hull House, Chicago, the leading social worker of America, and no less distinguished as an advocate of international peace, at a tea at the home of Mrs. W. J. Calhoun, 16 Ta Yuan Fu Hutung, East City, Peking, on Sunday, May 20th, at ten-thirty o'clock.

Miss Addams will speak upon "Trends in the Social Movement of the West." The discussion following will give Miss Addams the desired opportunity to inquire about certain of the social problems of China, and will afford an occasion for the consideration of the value for China of certain methods of social reform now advocated in the West.

Lily K. Haass
J. S. Burgess

Peking, May 16, 1923

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