Poem by Eleanor Dougherty, ca. December 1910


We all of us have the dream in our hearts when we are young.

It is not our dream -- It is the World's Dream whispering to us.

You have heard them say -- "Who are you that you can change the world? This is the egotism of youth. I thought that too when I was young."

O brave young hearts, beat more confidently.

Do not listen to the distracting voices of worldliness and failure, these sordid hearts who have abandoned the Quest.

It is they  I, your sister, have seen the sun upon the heights.

Come with me. We will brave the renunciations and terrors and loneliness

And we will never forsake each other.

We will listen to those who have won in the Quest.

It is they who tell us to have more faith, to fight more bravely.

Let us set forth together. We have need of one another.

We will reach out in the darkness and find each other--

When they shall tell us we are lost, that we have abandoned success for fanatic dream,

We will drown their shout with a Song.

O self reliant hearts, come with me.

Put your faith in the dream for it is the World's Dream.

I am not alone and there are greater than I who call to us.

I shall go on till death.

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