Mary Cooke Branch Munford to Norwegian Nobel Committee, January 9, 1923


January 9th 1923.

To The Nobel Prize Committee
Christiania, Norway.

Honorable Sirs:

My attention has been called to the fact that the name of my countrywoman, Jane [Addams], has been suggested as the appropriate person for the next award of the Nobel Peace Prize.

Such an award would seem to be in every way appropriate. Miss [Addams] is an international figure and her personality is peculiarly well known throughout Europe as well as in America. Her services to humanity through her great work at Hull House along lines always making for peace and understanding among the various races and nationalities, have been the foundation for the great work she is now doing to promote international good will and understanding in these critical days of the world's history.

I trust sincerely your committee may decide to honor itself and America by making this fitting recognition of Miss [Addams's] great service to mankind.

Very truly yours,

(Mrs. B. B. Munford)

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