Jane Addams to Lillian D. Wald, December 2, 1922


Dearest Lady

Here we are after a very smooth passage in a fine clean boat and good weather all the way. Your send off warmed me all the way over and in spite of a rather swollen arm and a more than usual desire to sleep, I found no inconvenience for the typhoid injection. Mrs Urie and Janet were given another room with bath so that [page 2] I came over in great state with such comfort as I had never dreamed possible on a ship. We had a very congenial party and found a good committee awaiting us here. Miss Marshall and several other English women working away with the Dutch group.

We are settled down into this very nice hotel for at least two weeks and find a warm welcome from our old friends of 1915 whom I can now [recall?] as I [did?] then one by one. [page 3] I have just written to Mary whom of course you will see very soon, of the much advice I am getting on all hands in regard to India and the rest of the Orient. I will be the perfect guide before I get through! I wish I were taking you "through the Orient." This is just a note to thank you for your thousand good deeds. I will write more later and am always devotedly yours

Jane Addams

My love to Sister Kelley & your nice household!

Dec 2d 1922