Jane Addams to Amy Woods, October 20, 1922



20 October 1922.

My dear Miss Woods:

I do not think we can do anything about getting a delegation together for The Hague Congress until after our Executive meeting in Philadelphia next week and perhaps it will be just as well to undertake the raising of funds after that time. I should prefer not to have my name used in getting these funds, however, until I have time to go into the matter a little more thoroughly.

I do not believe we can do more by December than to help finance The Hague Congress and the money to carry on with for the next two years will have to be raised later and an appeal made somewhat differently. The $10,000 to which you refer was not collected at the Vienna Congress but before the Congress; I took over with me a little more than $9000 of which $500 went to the Salzburg Summer School.

I am afraid I am a little confused about the entire situation and am very eager to talk it over with you. Some of the ↑European↓ letters imply that the Biennial Congress next summer has been given up, some of them read as if it were still going on. I don’t want to delay anything you think ought to be done at once but happily the 26th draws near.

Faithfully yours,

Jane Addams [signed]

P.S. I have received no international bulletin mentioning the Congress; do send me one if you have any in your possession.