Graham Taylor to Jane Addams, November 17, 1922

Chicago Commons
Grand Ave. and Morgan St.

November 17, 1922

My dear Miss Addams:

Here are some notes of introduction, which may open your way to people you want to meet and places you want to see at many points of interest to you.

Let me briefly tell you who some of those addressed are.

At Manila Miss Fernandez, as secretary of over 300 women's clubs, will be a cherished acquaintance. Dr. Fabella is one of the most intelligent and wise Filipino officials at the head of the Public Welfare Department. Mayor [Halsema] of Baguio, Mr. Wright, principal of the Agricultural College there, are well worth meeting. Do not fail to go to Baguio.

In Canton the Lerrigos are old timers and know all the ways and are wonderfully helpful in opening the way to others. Dean and Mrs. Henry and the Canton Christian College, with its wonderful agricultural and silkworm achievements, are of rare interest.

At Shanghai Dr. and Mrs. Greenwell have been best and longest known of the American colony. Profs. Remer and Nichols will open your way to Shanghai University, and Dr. Peter to his remarkable medical educational extension work.

At Peking Mrs. Calhoun will know you and will forward your insight to whatever you want to see. The chief master of ceremonies is essential to your admission to the Winter Palace. Mr. Burgess of the Princeton Foundation knows all the social workers. Dr. Henry S. Houghton heads up the Rockefeller Foundation work and is the [overhead] at the wonderful Union Medical Hospital.

In Korea Bishop and Mrs. Herbert Welch, formerly of the Ohio Wesleyan University, will greet you at Seoul. In Tokyo the Deputy Mayor Maeda, a fine young fellow, will give you access to the distinguished mayor of Tokyo, Baron Gotō. The national officials of the social sort in Tokyo are well represented by Mr. Tago, the director of the Social Welfare Bureau there. To Japanese industries, Mrs. Marion Wells Wood can best introduce you to the great plants and their "captains."

I am writing in advance to some of these persons who will want to know of your coming before you arrive. So they will be prepared to receive these enclosed notes as announcements of your arrival. I have written David Yui and others that you will want to see representative native people.

Hoping you will have the best of good times, I am,


Graham Taylor. [signed]