United States Section of WILPF, Executive Committee Meeting Agenda, October 26- 27, 1922



OCTOBER 26 & 27, 1922, LANDSDOWNE, PA.

Thursday Afternoon
October 26.


Summer Work 1922 (Summary from Secretary and Treasurer) Mrs. Lewis

National Organization (Organized State Groups & -- Local Group 9 -- Unorganized members in 31 other states, 2300 National members listed in National Headquarters. States without members; Wyoming, Arizona, New Mexico, Arkansas, Mississippi, South Carolina. International members.

Policy -- Shall Headquarters deal directly with members or through State and Local groups where organized?

1. A. In distribution of material

B. In collection of dues and other subscripts ↑Com. of 3↓

2. A. Shall Headquarters act as intermediary for all international work? ↑Com. of 3↓

B. For collection of moneys.

3. A. Shall Headquarters keep list of all individual members in State and Local group as well as individual members in unorganized states?

B. All International members ↑Yes↓

↑X↓ 4. Attitude of National section in regard to recognition of Local and State groups in the same state.

5. A. Finance: Collection of National and International dues, shall they be considered together or separately? Shall the work be by the Treasurer or by Headquarters?

B. Life membership: National and International

[written up left margin] ↑U.S.A. ↑[illegible]↓ refused to certify [illegible] treaty to prevent private manufacturing of arms↓

Program for Fall and Winter 1922 and 1923 (The budget of $570 a month allows for an Executive Secretary and one assistant)

Subjects to be considered -- remembering work for the International Conference at The Hague, December 7th, which will be considered in evening session.

1. Organization of State and Local Groups.

Restatement of platform and purpose for use in organizing.

2. Education -- Publication of monthly bulletin.

Bring up to date and republishing our previous printed material.

↑X↓ Policy -- Shall material be distributed free or shall National Sections pay for initial setting-up and State and Local groups order at the cost of printing?

National and Foreign Speakers.

Policy -- Shall National Section be responsible for expenses of National Speakers of shall Local sections; also for official trips of Executive Secretary. [page 2]

College and High School work, summer school or itinerant school.

Conference of Fraternal Organizations ↑132000 [illegible] now 15000 [illegible]↓

↑X↓ 3. Political Action -- Present attitude of Departments of War, Justice, Internal Revenue, and the Fordney-McCumber Bill, and National Defense Act.

↑X↓ Further use and development of election material

4. [Cooperation] with Fraternal Organizations

↑X↓ 1. National Council for Disarmament ↑Reduction of↓ armaments (Economic Conference) 

↑X↓ 2. Mr. Haines -- a new program for democratic legislation ↑Tuesday A.M.↓

3. National ↑Joint↓ Amnesty Committee -- Political Prisoners

Policy -- Shall members of the National Staff picket White House, March in parades, etc., without specific authority in each instance from the President ↑W.I.L.P. & F.↓

5. Pan-American Work

Recognition of Mexico, Haiti, San Domingo. South American Conference called by President Harding Dec. 5. International Conference, Santiago, Chile -- March 1923

Thursday Evening
October 26


I. Hague Conference



Organizations and people invited



II. Traffic in Arms

[Traffic in] Opium

[Traffic in] Women and Children

III. Passports and Visas

Friday Morning
October 27


↑85000 homicides more than in our 5 foreign wars.↓