Minnesota Russian Relief Committee Flyer, September 1922


Make Quilts While The Sun Shines


Will YOU make one block or more for a quilt that is to go to some sick, shivering little child, in time for next winter in the FAMINE DISTRICT OF RUSSIA?

Will farmers who have sheep donate wool for these?

Wool comforts would have saved the lives of hundreds of sick children in Homes and Hospitals last winter, but they died for lack of bedding and clothing.

[Miriam] West wrote on a day last February, when it was 49 BELOW ZERO, and she was sorting out clothes in a warehouse without any heat. Children lay on bare beds or floors, sometimes with only one garment, sometimes without sufficient heat in the room. What chance have they?

If you cannot finish your quilt, any size, for a small bed; baby quilt, or large size, bring the blocks to MINNESOTA RUSSIAN RELIEF COMMITTEE, 307 Lincoln Bank Building, Minneapolis, Minn., (Geneva 4017), and a way will be found to complete them.

WILL YOU HELP WHILE THE SUN SHINES, so the sun may shine again for these suffering children? The Quakers (Friends) have 90,000 children to care for. Let’s adopt 2,000 of them.

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