Jane Addams to Edward S. Cummings, June 6, 1922



June 6th
Rev. Edward Cummings,
The World Peace Foundation,
40 Mt. Vernon Street,
Boston, Massachusetts.

My dear Mr. Cummings:

Frl. Gertrud Baer has made such a favorable impression everywhere she has spoken that we all feel if she could continue to speak in the United States her influence would be very valuable and I am writing to you hoping that it will be possible for the Peace Foundation to make some such arrangement with her.

She apparently arouses no antagonism and gives a view of the new German very acceptably, -- even when the hearers at first are inclined to seem standoffish. She spoke both at the University of Chicago and Northwestern University on the Youth movement in Germany and young people from both universities trialed her about most enthusiastically during the remainder of her stay in Chicago. It is very difficult to find any one who would represent the awakened Germany better.

Mrs. Robinson is coming back in the fall to lecture under the management of Feakins but no arrangement has as yet been made in regard to Gertrud Baer.

Hoping that I am not presuming upon your courtesy, I am

Faithfully yours,