Jane Addams to Ellery Sedgwick, June 28, 1922


28 June 1922.

Mr. Ellery Sedgwick, Editor,
The Atlantic Monthly,
Boston, Massachusetts.

My dear Mr. Sedgwick:

Mr. Bowen was a political appointment in Illinois and was always rather inclined to veer with the wind but was a sincere and able man and altogether honest. He had an especial interest in the hospitals for the insane and under his administration the use of restraint was at least ↑finally↓ abolished. It was also under his management that the use of occupational therapy was extended to the state hospitals. That, of course, was partly the trend of the [times] but he eagerly forwarded it.

We never considered him either scientific nor very socially-minded and I should advise submitting his material to the present alienist, Dr. Charles [F.] Read, who still retains his office in Chicago at 4117 N. Keeler Avenue. Dr. Read was one of the few good appointments Governor Small made. He had been the physician in charge of the Chicago State Hospital and was recognized as a successful alienist. In case I am mistaken in any of this, I am sending your letter with a copy of mine to Miss Julia Lathrop, who more than any one else is cognizant of the history of the treatment of the insane in Illinois.

You are quite right in your assumption that I have always been interested in the care of the insane and the Mental Hygiene Society, both the national and [page 2] local organizations.

I am sure I need not tell you I am always glad to be of service to The Atlantic Monthly. I have always very much admired the vigorous articles you have printed on the subject of prisons and asylums.

Faithfully yours,

Jane Addams [signed]